Wealth Review

Our considerable private client experience has shown that wealthy families work with a large number of financial service providers in order to benefit from distinct, yet complementary expertise.​

​The benefits of this approach come with an additional responsibility: that of aggregating the individual reports in order to review risk and performance  for the entire wealth pool.

Family wealth that  is segmented by the discrete individual risk profiles of more than one beneficiary  requires aggregation as well. This is best fulfilled by an independent asset manager. 



A cohesive strategy that stays on target requires expertise and considerable time in order to ensure that the different components are aligned.

Our independence from a single private bank or custodian and our in-depth understanding of these challenges equip us with the skills to manage multiple banking relationships and evaluate risk and performance for a consistent implementation of your strategy over time and changing circumstances.



Transactions & custody of assets with a number of different financial services providers is, naturally, the optimal approach to diversification of both executions as well as product risks and opportunities.


Often, the consequences are an undesirable concentration of risk exposure and poor investment strategy implementation in portfolios.  A panoramic & cohesive review takes as much expertise and effort as proper investment research and risk budgeting does. 

Wealth Structuring

To achieve optimal results in the long term, it’s of utmost importance to understand legal, jurisdictional and fiscal obstacles that stand in the way of your overall investment performance.


Together with our many contacts and wealth structuring partners across the globe, we can help you to structure your family wealth so that you achieve the best possible results nett of fees and taxes for the benefit of all members.

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