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discretionary mandates
Non-Discretionary Mandates
Non-Discretionary Mandates


Non-Discretionary Mandates is at the core of our professional experience and enthusiasm.  We thrive on evaluating and investing in financial markets, allocation strategies for expert fund manager selection and single security investing are fundamental to our service.

With access to relevant market insights in a timely manner and our in-depth financial expertise, we are well qualified to be your intellectual partner as you manage your investments through the rapidly changing global financial landscape. 


We will be your trusted partner for any non-discretionary mandates or discretionary portfolio strategy that you may want to execute as we provide transparent, unbiased non-discretionary mandates that is fully aligned to your interest.  

We offer you the wealth of our investment expertise and extensive access to market information such that you can be confident that your investment decisions are well researched.  We can help you allocate financial assets across global private banks and access open architecture of investment solutions that result in successful long term investing for your overall portfolio. 

Discretionary Mandates

Should you wish to delegate all investment decisions to us within a pre-determined set of risk reward parameters so that you can focus more on your professional and personal life, we accept discretionary asset management mandates.

As your wealth grows and your time gets ever more scarce, allocating wealth management to investment specialists and experts becomes an important part of your overall investment success.


Our professional expertise in portfolio management equips us to manage discretionary mandates for you based on your investment objectives and the relevant  investment strategies we mutually agree upon.


Furthermore, since we are not constrained by contractual agreements with institutional managers, we select the most suitable discretionary mandates and best fund managers.

Wealth Custody  &

Wealth Reporting

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