Wealth Custody


The financial institutions that you trust for transaction, banking and the safe keeping of your assets are a very important pillar in your wealth management strategy. However, transparency and a clear cost-benefit relationship is often a challenge when evaluating these services.


Our financial advisory services are broad enough to offer clients a choice of some of the best custodian banks by balance sheet strength; alongside transparent and clearly defined flat fees or commissions  at the most competitive prices.

Wealth Reporting

Upgrading valuation and reporting systems to a more sophisticated architecture with the ensuing disruption of legacy systems requires substantial resources and costs that seem daunting to many large institutions. Thus, comprehensive investment reports are often inadequate. 

Actual after-fee investment performance can often be a real mystery. 

The aggregation of financial information and investment portfolios across various private banking and  other investment services are expensive and time consuming tasks for even the very wealthy, who have independent experts for this.


We consolidate and present aggregated investment valuations for medium-term strategy reviews as well as more frequent risk monitoring.

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